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Our Job is to Deliver Top Talent 

About 20/20 Healthcare 

See More Clearly with 25+ Years of Healthcare Experience By Your Side. 

Our #1 priority is to help you meet your physician staffing plan goals, improve patient access to care, and increase practice revenue with 20/20 Healthcare. When critical staffing vacancies occur, healthcare enterprises need dedicated, experienced placement professionals to take charge of physician recruitment. The right permanent physician fit requires the best physician placement partner. It requires 20/20 vision. 

Why Choose Our Services?

  • 20/20 works exclusively in Healthcare to recruit Physicians & Mid-Levels in all disciplines and clinical settings.


  • We have a team of professional specialists who are dedicated to exceptional customer service and developing long-term business relationships.


  • All candidates are thoroughly screened by our professional staff who have direct experience in the field and who understand the role of the Physician. You simply can't get that kind of value anywhere else. 


Our Proven Process

  • Identification: Thorough and in-depth analysis of the position and the company helps us fully understand the client’s needs and be able to attract the most qualified candidates.

  • Research: We use years of experience and networking to develop an effective plan to locate and source the right candidate in the most efficient manner while maintaining quality. Save time, save money. Hire the best candidate. 

  • Recruiting: 20/20 is supported by a large database of candidates and companies. We take a proactive approach to recruiting that actively seeks out and thoroughly screens all candidates before being presented to our clients.

  • Expert Knowledge: Our professional staff personally screens your candidates to ensure that it's the perfect match of quality, skill and personality. Why be status-quo when you can improve your culture through hire.

  • Interviewing: Complete, honest, and timely feedback throughout the interview process, ensuring a seamless hiring process and candidate transition.

  • Acceptance: Hands-on involvement with a personal touch focused on the acquisition and the retention of top candidates. We help the candidate through the resignation process (past employer) and follow-through until the candidate begins their new position with our clients. From there, we follow-up to make sure that the candidate and client are thriving in their new relationship. 

What Makes Us Different?

  • 90% Match Guarantee: Clients are assured that all candidates presented will match at least 90% of required skills identified during the position analysis. Our process eliminates the need for our Clients to “sort through” candidates who have the right “title” but not the right experience.


  • We've Experienced It All: We have been in the Healthcare Industry for over 25 years and have worked exclusively with Physicians for 20 of these years. The other two years were spent determined to broaden our experience working with Mid-Levels (Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, etc.). Essentially, we've done it all! 

  • Our Networks: Our staff is dedicated to the Healthcare Recruiting field with extensive networks and contacts within a variety of areas of specialty. Candidates are presented in a concise and professional way that makes it easy to see their qualifications.


It's physician recruiting driven by results and relationships!

Got questions?

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