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Trends in Healthcare Recruiting We’ve Got Our Eye On in 2021

At 20/20, we love Zoom. And WhatsApp. Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Rooms, Google Meet, Skype. Whether it’s a virtual career fair, one-time meet and greet or virtual happy hour, we’re committed to remaining forward-thinking in our approach. Want to grab a virtual coffee? We’ll pay for it in Bitcoin. Say the word and we may even throw a dance party on TikTok, if the candidate fits. 

Embracing Virtualization of the Recruitment and Onboarding Process 

Look, we get it. Virtual workspaces are here to stay and candidates are approaching the job search with a different mindset. Technology has, and is, rapidly changing healthcare today. Recruiting in a virtual environment brings challenges and, especially in healthcare, is more competitive now than ever before. That’s virtually our reality and we’re always ready to deliver superior candidates regardless of what comes next. Consider it a hybrid approach to recruitment services. 

Finding Candidates in New Audiences

Today’s environment calls for creativity, that’s where we are at our best! Our talented team thrives during times of uncertainty. We enjoy finding ways to reach untapped potential through forward-thinking and outside-of-the-box sourcing and recruitment strategies. 


Increase of Contingent or “Gig” Workers 

Contingent or gig work is on the rise, and these numbers are only expected to increase. Data supports the claim that employees are more satisfied in their gig role compared to a more traditional venture. What does this mean for healthcare? That’s for us to worry about, just know we’re on top of the trends. Our staff is always looking for ways to evaluate each position on an individual basis to determine if the candidate + the role is the right culture fit for your organization.

Legislation Changes to Expedite the Hiring of Healthcare Workers

The pandemic has caused a shift in policies and protocols for how employees and employers run their practice. Rules and regulations that guided the healthcare industry for years are changing. And so are we. At 20/20, we take pride in our ability to understand, then put into practice the latest policy changes. That enables us to move quickly and efficiently in meeting current demands to place your ideal candidate.


Talent Acquisition in a Post-COVID World

Attracting talent is only the first step. With our network access, that’s the easy part! Finding the right role for the right candidate is critical. Our team always goes the extra mile, peeling back all the layers of the provider and the physician. Why? Because we understand the importance of truly getting to understand the role for hire, then building (deeper) relationships beyond the surface to better understand the candidate. Healthcare employers need all the help they can get to attract, support, and retain quality talent as we move forward in this “new normal”. It’s an attention to the process and detailed vetting of candidates that separates 20/20 from all the rest. For us, it’s not only about finding a fit. It’s about finding the perfect fit.

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